We are working to make the Ottawa Zine Fair as accessible a space as possible, physically, financially, and in every other way we can.  Got ideas on what would make this space more welcoming and inclusive?  Let us know.

Physical Accessibility:

The Ottawa Zine Fair will be held in Mac Hall at the Bronson Centre, a wheelchair-accessible space with accessible washrooms.  All washrooms will be made gender-neutral for the day.

Financial Accessibility:

One of the things we love about zines is that they’re a great way to access art and writing without having to spend a lot of money.  We want creators to be able to make money on their work, but we also want attendees to be able to buy neat stuff at a variety of price ranges.  If you are interested in tabling, please consider having low-cost (under $5) items available.

We have a small pot of money available for stipends for people applying to table, which can be put towards childcare, travel expenses, or whatever else you need to be able to come and table.  Please indicate on the application form if you’re interested in being considered for a stipend!

Safer Space?

It would be awesome if we could promise a you safe space. The thing is, we don’t think any space is ever safe.  What we can strive for, though, is to be welcoming, inclusive, and committed to accountability.

We value zines as a way for marginalized stories and experiences to be represented.  We will not tolerate racist, culturally appropriative, ableist, cissexist, transmisogynistic, homophobic, classist materials or behaviour.

We are working on having active listening available during the event. If this is a skill you are able to offer, please get in touch!

This event will be scent-free.  We ask tablers and attendees to refrain from wearing scented products, and will provide unscented soap in the washrooms.


  • Please do not touch anyone or take anyone’s photo without their permission.
  • Please ask someone’s pronouns before you assume how they should be referred to.