Tabling applications are now closed.  Thanks to everyone who applied!

Our 2016 tablers will be:

¿Serio? Zine

¿SERIO? is a social justice zine based out of Chicago. Co-founded by Luz Magdaleno, who identifies as a Chican@ Feminist Writer, and Alvaro Zavala, who identifies as a Chicano Queer Illustrator. We publish personal narratives, reviews, poetry, photography and illustrations submitted by a variety of social justice activists. Each printed issue focuses on different themes surrounding issues that affect marginalized people. The authors/artists working on the zine come from different racial backgrounds, sexual identities, and experiences but we all believe in the power of the story and we hope you enjoy ¿SERIO? as much as we do. We will be selling Zines, Pins, Stickers, and featured art work.

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Ace Zine Archive 

The Ace Zine Archive is an online collection of all the zines we can find with ace content (i.e., content related to the asexual spectrum) because zines exist to be read.,Reflecting the diversity of the ace community, many of the zines deal with issues of gender identity and neurodiversity, and get into some meaningful ace community conversations about non-normative and non-romantic relationships, social structures, and violence.

We will be selling a wide selection of ace-related zines by donation to cover printing costs, including zines edited by one of the AZA curators.

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Babely Shades

A local collective of artists and activists of colour in the Ottawa area.

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Broke Bellies 

Our collective is putting together a zine series that features how to eat around Ottawa/Hull for as close to free as possible. We feature 3-4 collaborators who attempt to qualify their experiences eating well with next-to-no cash flow. We cover topics like: Where to find a free meal each day of the week, which eggs benny is worth the splurge, the best and cheapest vegan eats, the politics of tipping, safe & delicious queer date spots, birthday eats, and of course our problematic favs.

At our table we will have our zine and some food-related patches (…did i mention we love food?) all free of charge!

Decolonizing Street Art

Decolonizing Street Art is a collective of Indigenous and POC feminist street artists who organizes an annual convergence of street artists in ”Montreal”,since 2014.

The goal of Decolonizing Street Art is two-fold: to develop a network of solidarity and support between Indigenous street artists; to promote anti-colonial resistance through diverse street art interventions.During the convergence, artists from all over Turtle Island (and beyond),making street art interventions on the streets of ”Montreal”, unceded Indigenous territory. The event will also include workshops and panels on the theme of anti-colonialism. In the long-term, Decolonizing Street Art is focused specifically on supporting a solidarity network of women-identified Indigenous street artists.

For the Ottawa zine fair, we’ll be selling our zines, screenprinted posters, patches and stickers.

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Elijah Wipe

My name is Elijah. I am a black queer afab femme. I live in Toronto but I grew up in Ottawa. I am a poet and an artist. Most of my zines are collections of poetry I’ve written about trauma, mental health,abuse and romance. I recently created a zine // coloring book about depression.

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Mckenzie is a queer, fat, latina femme who writes a perzine called Swearing in Cursive about body positivity, mental health, knitting, sewing, and being bi-ethnic.

She currently lives in Boston, MA.


Encre Noire

Zines & Illustration I’m an illustrator and writer based in Montreal.

I’ll be selling:

  • Skelly Fam (zine)
  • Gay Root Zine
  • It’s So Hard to Find Good Help These Days: Representations of Social Class in Fairy Tales (zine)
  • My Colouring Book (for kids)
  • A selection of illustrations
  • And hopefully a new zine and/or some embroideries!

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Femme Crimes Distro

I am a non-binary artist who produce work surrounding queer femme identity, life as a trauma & sexual violence survivor and the various intersections these experiences come into plays with systems of oppression. I also distribute zines and comics created by femmes coming from different backgrounds. Topics featured include: trauma, healing, survival, poverty, sex work (by & for sex workers ressource), grief, police brutality, and more.


Fight Boredom Distro

Zines by queers, feminists, anarchists, witches, and weirdos.


from the margins 

from the margins is an artistic collaboration between Clementine Morrigan and geoff. We make zines individually, together and also table some of our friends zines. We write about lots of things including: addiction, alcoholism, intoxication culture, sobriety, disability justice, queerness, nonbinary identity, mixed race identity, whiteness, femme, witchcraft, polyamory, critical veganism, fashion, trauma, ace spectrum stuff, and many other things.

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From the Root Zine

From the Root is a zine dedicated to documenting stories, poetry, articles, testimonies and images of women of colour in Canada. Sometimes political, other times posh but always powerful, From the Root showcases voices from women navigating through this land called Canada in the skin they are in.

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Ghost Pine zine

I’ll be selling copies of my true stories zine Ghost Pine, which celebrated its twentieth anniversary in March 2016!



hey! I’m currently working on a few zines about beeing a black teenager, black girl empowerment and one about senior year of high school! I’ll also be selling hand made pins!!

Heidi Cho Makes Art 

My name is Heidi Cho, and I am 27 years old and I make zines! I identify as a 2nd generation queer South Korean person, which guides a lot of material I make. My zines are a combination of illustrations and writing that tackle themes around mental health, queerness, racism, family and generally navigating through the world as a queer person of colour.

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Howl! arts collective 

Howl! arts collective works to create at the intersection of social activism and artistic expression. Howl! releases zines, albums and creates poster art.

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Ian Martin 

hi i’m ian martin. i have a handful of zines about everything from grocery stores to god. i use collage and coding and writing to mix a bunch of stuff up and hope it all turns out. they’re all pretty cheap and weird if that’s your thing.

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Jac. N Vanier 

I will have a few ‘zines about : sexism and racism in the hc/punk music scene, local 613 history of the Anti-Racist Action in the early 90s, prison justice.

Hope to distro some original EXILE Press ‘zines:,Unleashing the Imagination: An Anarchist Tour of the National Gallery of Canada, by Allan Antliff, with an intro by bones and Ask Me About My Tubal Ligation.

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Justseeds Artists’ Cooperative 

Justseeds Artists’ Cooperative is a decentralized network of 30 artists committed to social, environmental, and political engagement.
With members working from the U.S., Canada, and Mexico, Justseeds operates both as a unified collaboration of similarly minded printmakers and as a loose collection of creative individuals with unique viewpoints and working methods. We believe in the transformative power of personal expression in concert with collective action. To this end, we produce collective portfolios, contribute graphics to grassroots struggles for justice, work collaboratively both in- and outside the co-op, building installations in galleries, and wheatpaste on the streets.
We will have Zines, Books, Posters, Prints, Hankies and Badges for sale.

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Since 1998 Kersplebedeb has been a source of radical books, zines, and agit prop materials. I distro anarchist, communist, feminist,anti-racist and anti-imperialist materials, and have also published numerous books and zines. A priority has been given to writings by political prisoners and prisoners of war.

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We represent Kind, an LGBTQIA+ community center in downtown Ottawa. Kind offers discussion groups for trans and queer individuals, so our zines will cover topics close to the topics of queer, trans, and genderqueer individuals of all races, ages, and abilities.

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Lane Patriquin 

I’m a nonbinary trans intersex disabled witch living in Toronto, trying to make art and be an advocate. I make zines and art related to nonbinary trans identity, mental health/illness, intersexuality, disability and magick/witchcraft.

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Late Bloom Zines 

Late Bloom Zines – Perzines about surviving intimate partner violence, being queer, being trans, being punk, being mentally ill, magick, and more. Eddie is a white 28 yo adult punk zinester, community artist, and educator from Toronto.



Publishing Artist, coder and co-founder of the [Algorithmic Poets Society], Jason Cobill will be tabling a series of experimental art books and poetry written by beautiful machines.


Made by CRO 

I am a local artist who and would be selling my mini comics and zines as well as some art prints and original I will also have some stickers and buttons.

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Metonymy Press

Metonymy is a Montreal-based press that publishes literary fiction and nonfiction by emerging writers.  We try to reduce barriers to publishing for authors whose perspectives are underrepresented in order to produce quality materials relevant to queer, feminist, and social justice communities. We really want to keep gay booklovers satisfied.

We’ll be selling She Is Sitting in the Night, our queer tarot book, and Thea’s Tarot (hopefully they’ll be in stock), as well as our spring 2016 release Small Beauty.

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I am a feminist artist that adapts my medium in response to the dialogue I wish to create with my audience. My artwork takes the form of installations, zines, illustrations and prints. Uniting these various mediums and forms, my design sense manifests through graphic black and white line work with nods to late 19th and early 20th century illustration, psychedelic era poster design and the current renaissance of sign painting. My stories focus on female voices, friendship, discovery and the occult.

  • Adventuring Princesses: long form, all-ages comic/coloring book series with paper dolls and other thematic merchandise
  • Various illustrative zines & mini-comics
  • Astrology Patches & Stickers

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Morgan Sea 

Montreal based “trans lady superstar” Morgan Sea makes comics and zines and joy, pure unfiltered joy.



I am a Toronto-based illustrator and zinester who commonly publishes under the moniker Musterni, and am best known for my work on the “Shitty Horoscopes” zine series. My current pet project, “Inhuman Connections”, explores racism, sexism, gender identity, and queerness alongside aliens, the occult, monstrosities, and ghosts.,I would be selling zines, prints, buttons and postcards for the most part, alongside small craft projects.

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Naomi Moyer of élastiquedesigns 

I am a multidisciplinary, self taught visual artist and writer.,I started élastiquedesigns in 2015 to represent my creations.

Black Women and Self Care:,Thoughts on Mental Health, Oppression and Healing is my first zine that I published in July 2015 and I am currently working on a second zine.

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NCRA Indigenous Zine

Hello/Tansi/Salut/Yaw and in many more languages,

Founded in 1986, the National Campus and Community Radio Association / l’Association nationale des radios étudiantes et communautaires (NCRA/ANREC) is dedicated to advancing the role and increasing the effectiveness of campus and community radio in Canada. The NCRA/ANREC facilitates communication among Members and provides developmental materials and networking services. It also represents the interests of the sector to governments, industry, and other agencies, and promotes public awareness and appreciation for community-oriented radio in Canada.

The NCRA’s Indigenous committee is putting together a zine about developing PSAs identifying traditional territories, per the action item on the Board’s strategic plan, which arose from the Open Space discussion at the 34th National Campus and Community Radio Conference (“NCRC”) this past June. The discussions around this item yielded the idea of content such as:

  • How to research which territory(ies) you’re on
  • Testimonials by people who have seen changes in their communities after their stations began declaring that they are on unceded and traditional territory
  • A glossary of terms like unceded, traditional, Indigenous sovereignty, Nationhood, etc.
  • Artwork, collages, and cartoons to help articulate really complicated ideas that are hard to put into words
  • Production and editing tips



I’m a Nakawe (Saulteaux) artist, graphic novelist, film maker, writer and poet. My creations all feature my Indigenous culture in some form specifically my novels and graphic novels all star a Indigenous hero/protagonist. I’ll be sharing some of my poetry, and two comic books of mine as well as a zine about my time inside.

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The RivetCave 

The RivetCave is a new zine celebrating the presence of goth and industrial culture in Ottawa and beyond. It features music reviews, shines a spotlight on local events/artists, asks hard questions about the community, and is filled with art and writing from various contributors.

Sabrina Scott / Witchbody 

I will have some zines about DIY, witchcraft, magic, madness, being a survivor, gender feelings, resilience, etc. One of the bigger zines I have is called Witchbody and it is about relationships with non-human bodies, being a city witch, environmental education, and activist vibes.


Sad Weekends 

26-year old ottawa homebody who likes to read books and pet dogs. I write zines on gender, sexuality, vulnerability, and mental health.



I draw comics under the name saico ink. I write and draw a mini comic series called Open Spaces and Closed Places (OSCP).,It’s a romantic comedy with some supernatural elements and is about a high school gang leader hopelessly in love with the student council president.,I will also have handmade prints, pins, and other kinds of comics and drawings with stuffed animals and cute happy things

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Sarah Mangle 

Sarah Mangle has self published two all ages colouring books: The Affirmations Colouring Book and The All Ages Colouring Book of Worries and Reassurances. She has been making zines for over 15 years and will be selling some comic works, fiction zines and postcards in support of tenderness, queerness, sex workers and postal workers.

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She Shouts 

She Shouts is a grassroots project with the objective to create facilitated
conversations about lived femme experiences. We want to discuss and explore
culture, sexuality, gender, social justice issues and the world from the
femme perspective and how the femme experience can help shape how we see
and affect the world. We strive to make our discussion spaces safe and
inclusive, so everyone is welcome to participate by submitting or
contributing to the discussion, regardless of your identity. We want to
work towards a better understanding of experiences and perspectives to make
us more understanding, compassionate, empathetic, and educated individuals.

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soft cedar – things i make  
my name is sil and I am a 22 y/o lady who makes things to make myself feel better and hopefully make others feel better in the process. i love to make, in general, and constantly find myself head over heels with one project or another. i make (per)zines about growing and mental illness and love and catharsis. i also make patches, notebooks, as well as the occasional foray into herbalism and aromatherapy. i like to be outside and that’s a prominent feature of most of my creative work. i’m a taurus, that is the most important thing about me.

Starkiss Creations 

Starkiss Creations includes zines (focusing on personal stories and experiences as a trans, queer, mad, ill, sex worker, artist and activist), original artwork and DVDs of the film Mosaic.


Steph Meunier 

My name is Steph, and I identify as a white, cis, queer fat femme girl. I’m a Virgo and a a women’s studies major at uOttawa who is highly critical of my program, the community supervisor at the SFUO Pride Centre and a gal who likes gardening, zines and art. I write about queerness, being asexual, anxiety and being a francophone quebecer in Ottawa.

The Piece of Work 

I’m Rachel Davies, I founded the zine Pop Culture Puke in 2013 and founded the zine distro The Piece of Work in 2015. PCP focuses on work by teenage girls + young women. I’ll be tabling with issues of Pop Culture Puke as well as the poetry, art, and prose zines I’ve released with The Piece of Work .

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tire swing 

my name is yasmeen, i am a mixed QTPOC from toronto & i make a perzine called tire swing. i currently have 3 issues & they are available through the from the margins distro if you’d like to view them (scroll to the bottom for an image of each & a brief description). i write about islamophobia & internalized shame, how the Toronto hardcore scene is the WORST, about abuse, survival, recovery, addiction, & grief after the loss of my brother to suicide.

We’ll Never Have Paris 

I am the editor and creator of We’ll Never Have Paris, the only zine dedicated to nonfiction memoir. Started in 2007 in NYC, it has been continuously self-published and is 100% independent.

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The Wheelhouse 

The Wheelhouse is a Toronto-based supporting resource for those facing barriers of accessibility and takes an intersectional approach to social justice; we are also a zine distro! The art created by our members challenges not only gender-based oppression, but also the racist and classist structures that limit us as individuals and as a community.

Our selection includes zines that address fat activism, end of the world survival strategies, self care & astrology, gender fuckery, and what it’s like to live with mental health issues.

The members who will be representing the Wheelhouse as organizers and tablers are:

Aus – a queer, brown, intersectional feminist born and raised in the region of Mississauga land known as Toronto, who tries to make art about survival, mental health, and the encroaching doom that awaits us all… but mostly (just barely) makes rent.

Lauren Melissa – a queer, fat, intersectional fem(me)inist with a fondness for black liquid eyeliner and geriatric cats. She is anactor/activist/academic who makes art about madness, vulnerability, fat love, fat hate, bi-visibility, and butts. She is committed to holding herself (and others) accountable for the ways in which white settlers benefit from systems that oppress marginalized communities.


Zines or Something Press 

ZINES OR SOMETHING PRESS is a new independent startup intended to help marginalized/emerging artists & writers distribute their work in an accessible & affordable manner. Run by Taylor Thompson, a queer trans writer, and Fluentfather, a bi-racial queer artist, the press will be selling a variety of zines including comic zines, literary zines, and art zines. Other items from our artists and writers will be available as well, including jewelery, stickers, pins, and art prints.

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